Casinos with iPad Roulette

Ipad roulette is now one simple download away. Players who want to play casino games on ipad or their other iOS devices need only one trip to the app store. The real money gambler will need to register an account at a real money mobile casino.

If you gamble at an online casino with your desktop computer or laptop notebook, you already know how to find an online casino. It's likely that a player who uses a legit Internet casino which is licensed and regulated by a legitimate authority is going to be playing at a casino which has its own iPad apps.

The brand name online casinos are getting their iOS and Android apps for their real money mobile casinos. These casino operations launch a mobile casino which is linked to their online casino. When you register an account at one of these site, you'll be able to download for free the real money iPad roulette app or Android app to help you interface with the site's software. IOS applications mean you'll be able to play using your iPad tablet computer or iPhone mobile phone. You will have the option to play real money roulette on an iPad or the free version.

Can I Play Real Money Roulette on iPad in the USA?

Roulette is one of the few casino games that is available for US players on an iPad. Slotland Casino is the only online casino for US players with an iPad version of their games. This casino does support a real money roulette game for iPad, iPhone, Android and Blackberry. The roulette game is slightly different from the free games. You do not need to download a special iPad app. The real money roulette game is available directly on the casino website. The game is only available to new real money players, which means you will be required to create a new account.

European Roulette - Has the Best Odds for iPad Roulette

Once you download and open the roulette software on your iPad app, you'll have your choice of American roulette (double-zero) or European roulette (single-zero). The basic European roulette game has much better odds than the American or Las Vegas version, so it's usually best to choose European roulette when you're playing at iPad tablet casinos for real money. European roulette has a 2.63% house edge.

American Roulette - The Subtle Difference in the Game

The American roulette is what most land-based American gamblers have to play, because that's what casinos across the United States offer. A few casinos in Las Vegas or Atlantic City offer European or French roulette, but that's it. Double-zero roulette has another losing slot in its game, so you want to avoid the game, if possible. US roulette has a 5.26% house edge.

The only time you would rather player American roulette is if the mobile casino offers imprisonment rules or "en prison" rules for their double-zero roulette. This brings the house edge down to a level where it's about equal to the single-zero version of the game.

Inside Bets or Outside Bets - What is the Difference in Odds?

Most of the bets in roulette have similar odds. The inside bets usually have a smaller set of winning combinations. This might be a single bet on one number or a street bet on three numbers, but they always range between 1 and 6 numbers. These are called inside bets because your chips are placed inside the number box, which ranges from 0 to 36.

Outside bets are placed on larger blocks of numbers. These include 1-18, 19-36, red, black, even, odd, and similar larger conglomerations of numbers. Because they're placed outside the box of numbers, they're called outside bets. The only bet I specifically suggest you avoid is the box bet, which is a five-number wager on 0-00-1-2-3 in American roulette. It has particularly bad odds.

Roulette Winning Systems

Finally, don't worry about finding a better pattern or system for beating roulette. No system exists which beats roulette, no matter who much your neighbor or aunt insists they know one. Books have been written and articles posted online telling you systems for beating roulette, but they don't stand to analysis. Roulette has a house edge, which is why brick-and-mortar casinos, online casinos, and mobile casinos make a profit. You might get lucky when you gamble with your iPad, but you won't devise a system to consistently beat roulette's house edge.