Real Money iPad Slot Apps

Playing slots on your iPad tablet for real money is easier now than it was even two years ago. More mobile casinos have been launched since 2010 than their online casino counterparts. The reason is the most successful Internet casino companies are creating mobile casinos in hope of using their brand names to grab a large share of the mobile gaming market. They hope people who used to use their Microsoft PC, Linux OS laptop, or Mac notebook are now going to gamble with their iPad or a rival tablet computer.

Mobile gaming has been around for years now, but most of the games offered were free downloads from gaming sites or using $1.99 game app for their mobile phone. With the tablet computer industry sales skyrocketing and some experts predicting that tablet device sales will exceed desktop computer sales as soon as 2013, online casino operators are rushing to see that they can interface with all the iPads, iPods, iphone, and other smart phones on the market. No longer do you play virtual slots games at one of the free or "for fun" websites. Now you can play the most popular slot machines using a gambling app for iPad. Find a mobile casino sites which accepts play from your region and you can play the best fruit games for real money, meaning you can win big flat-top jackpots or even progressive jackpots worth millions of dollars.

Slots for US Players on iPad

If you like playing slots, you will absolutely love playing slots for money on iPad. The iPad tablet is perhaps the easiest tablet to play slots online as the screen size allows players to actually see the buttons and graphics easily. Players that live in the United States can play real money slots at Slotland Casino. The casino has half a dozen different slot machines up for grabs, none of which require you to download any apps and they all offer a progressive jackpot. The US real money iPad slots include three and five reel video slots.

Slot Machines Explained - Playing Real Money Slots on iPad

The basic slots game is the classic 3-reel slot machine. This was the original game used when casino owners used mechanical devices instead of electronics. Because the box could only hold three mechanical reels, games had low fixed jackpots. The odds on winning these jackpots were higher, though. In the early days, slots gave away gum or fruit instead of real money, to get around gambling laws. Later, symbols of fruit became common reel symbols, which is why players in the United Kingdom call them fruit machines.

5-Reel Slot Machines for iPad

Five-reel slots became a bigger attraction in the 1980s, when electronic machines replaced mechanical ones. Without these constraints, designers could add more reels, which meant more combinations, which meant bigger jackpots and longer odds. These machines became flashier, with better graphics and sounds. Special features like bonus icons, wild symbols, and scatter symbols were added into the attractions. As time has gone on and electronics have advanced, the features, graphics, and sounds have only gotten better. Now "video slots" exist, which have interactive bonus games with cut scenes like a video game has. Some companies even design 3D slots, which have realistic graphics.

Progressive Jackpot Slots on Your iPad

The ultimate in slot machine payouts these days are progressive jackpots. Progressive slots give player a chance at prizes in the tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars. The jackpot has a minimum amount and, every time someone plays without winning the jackpot, it progressively increases. The progressive jackpot might grow from now on, though the odds say some lucky player is likely to hit the jackpot eventually. When they do, they get a life-changing sum of money. These days, progressive jackpots are networked among many machines all over the world, so the jackpot grows faster than ever. A person in the United States might be playing in the same jackpot network as someone in the United Kingdom, Greece, South Africa, Australia, and Macau. These are common in online casinos, but now that iPad tablet casinos for real money exist, the mobile casino players get the same exciting jackpot opportunities.