Real Money iPad Video Poker

Gambling with your iPad on a game like video poker is a good way to test out the casino apps available these days. Video poker isn't as well known as blackjack, roulette, craps, or slots, but the video poker machines offer better odds than most of the games I just mentioned (blackjack is the only exception). So when you get an iPad tablet and want to try out mobile casino using real money, playing video poker might be your best option. If you haven't played a lot of blackjack, but you played a lot of poker, then video poker is the game you'll probably learn the quickest.

Players can enjoy video poker with real money casino apps to interface with their iOS devices, meaning they can play using their iPad tablet computer, iPod Touch, or iphone mobile phone. Gamblers need to find a mobile casino which offers real money play, but the numbers of these sites is growing by the week.

What are the Odds for iPad Video Poker Games?

When you play video poker games on Ipad, you're gambling on one of the best propositions in any casino setting. Video poker has a reputation as a game smart gamblers and insiders play. Because video poker kind of looks like slot machine gambling, many new gamblers tend to overlook these machines when they walk into a live casino. Besides blackjack, no game in the casino offers such good odds for player, though.

What Strategy Can I Use to Win Real Money on My iPad?

The drawback to playing video poker is you actually have to learn basic strategy for each game. Most of this strategy is intuitive, if you've ever played Texas holdem, Omaha, draw poker, or seven-card stud before. The hand ranks are the same, though the strategy is slightly different.

Are There Any Video Poker Apps for US Players? Can I Play For Real Money?

Video poker is available for US players as a real money iPad game. Slotland Casino is the only online casino with real money casino games for iPad. At the moment, US iPad casino players will only be able to play Jacks or Better video poker – which you can access directly on the mobile version of Slotland’s website. The iPad version of Jacks or Better is a real money game with wagers starting at $0.05 and increasing from there. We do expect other real money video poker apps to become available for USA players in the near future.

Jacks or Better Video Poker - The #1 Played Video Poker App for iPad

Instead of playing against a dealer or another player, video poker players play against the pay chart. In the basic game, jacks or better, a gambler needs a hand with at least a pair of jacks (or better) to win their wager. If you get two jacks, two queens, two kings, or two aces, you win. If you get two pair or three of a kind, you'll win even more money. If you receive a straight, a flush, a full house, or a four of a kind, you receive an even bigger payout. Players who receive a straight-flush or royal flush win the big money, including a huge fixed jackpot for most royal flushes.

On the other hand, if you receive a two 10s, two 9s, or some lower pair, you lose automatically. Any hand that would be considered lower in a standard game of poker is going to be a losing hand in video poker. That can trip up some new video poker players, since certain poker players are conditioned to see any pair as a good hand (though that can be a killer in Texas holdem).

Are There Any Other Variants of Video Poker for iPad?

Most iPad tablet casinos for real money are going to offer 10 or 20 different video poker variants. The most popular ones are games like deuces wild, joker wild, loose deuces, aces & eights, or bonus poker. Each of these offers a good expected return, though none are quite as good as jacks or better when it comes to the house edge. When playing video poker with real money casino apps, learn the game with jacks or better video poker and only play others when you get bored with the basic game.